The WhoAsksUs Project is my signature work. Over a period of 5 months I worked alongside a group of 20 year 11 students attending Holbrook Academy. WhoAsksUs was totally student led and looked at a number of important educational issues. I worked in partnership with Paul Press from Offshoot Foundation on a documentary film of the project in order to create a sustainable record of the students’ journey. Have a look at the students website and film below.

The website can be seen here http://www.whoasksus.org/

“The students at Holbrook Academy have been challenged to work and achieve together as a team and now all display increased confidence levels. I am incredibly proud of them, they have learnt new skills to make them fit for the future and gained a sense of achievement by having their voices heard, bringing credibility to both themselves and the School.” – Jill Barton, Project Manager

“The students have exceeded my expectations…working as a team, they have brought together over 20 young people to lift morale at the school by being listened to, and by listening to what employers are looking for in young people. I look forward to helping them raise not only their aspirations, but the aspirations of their generation across Suffolk, by giving them a voice.” – Paul Press, Manager, Offshoot Foundation

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