Project Testimonials

“Thank you so much for giving us inspiration and giving us the voice we needed.”
-The WhoAsksUs team

“Jill was an inspirational leader for our students who fully engaged with her enthusiasm and commitment. We have seen them grow in confidence and they aspire to great things. Thank you Jill.” – Nicola Shelley, Deputy Head, Holbrook Academy

“It has been a pleasure working with you. I have been so impressed with the number of doors your name can open which just shows how well thought of you are across Suffolk. I have also been relieved to find how organised you are which takes the pressure of me! Most of all I have enjoyed us having fun, being comfortable with one another and working on a film together with someone who is doing it for exactly the same reasons as me.”- Paul Press, Manager, Offshoot Foundation

“This project has really pushed students to get out and get their voices heard and given us a sense of achievement and accomplishment. We now want to give it back to other teens who struggling with their ambitions and fnd it hard to reach their goal. We are Who Asks Us?…………so who asks you?” – Callum Frogley, Focus Group Leader, WhoAsksUs Project Holbrook

“Throughout the project I have learnt many key skills that I would have otherwise missed out on. It has improved my confidence and given me a sense of achievement and that when you want to, your voice can be heard.” – Callum Coomber, Focus Group Leader, WhoAsksUs Project Holbrook

“This project has really brought me out of my shell. It’s given me the chance to speak out and given me the opportunities that I would have never had. I’m so grateful that I’ve been given the chance to take part in this project on Giving Young People A Voice and think it would be amazing for other students to have the same opportunities as we have been given at Holbrook.” – Amy Winter, Focus Group Leader, WhoAsksUs Project Holbrook

“I have loved being able to learn new life skills and become more confident in the outside world – I finally feel as if I’m being listened to. It has been an amazing experience with a fulfilling final result and I hope many more students will get the opportunity of taking part in this project.” – Ellie Lusher, Focus Group Leader, WhoAsksUs Project Holbrook

“I have really enjoyed this project because I’ve got to see what it’s really like in different businesses” – Jessica, Stoke

I have learned that you need good qualifications to get into business but also that there are a lot of other skills you need – having a good attitude and being hardworking” – Bradley, Stoke

“Before this project I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left School but after visiting Lloyds Bank I would really like to go into banking and I am hoping for a work experience placement there next year” – Scott, Stoke

“I’ve learnt a lot from this project that will help me in the future when I finish my GCSE’s”- Isaac,Stoke

“I enjoyed this project because I learnt about interviewing different people.” – Josh, Stoke

“This project means a lot to me, it will help me for my bright future ahead.” – Sehar, Stoke

“I found this project really interesting and it has opened my mind to believe you can achieve.” – Louisa, Stoke

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